November 28, 2009

Back in the Saddle

We’re  back home now, training two-year old pups for their first year on the expedition team. 


Dino, Tip, and Petra are learning the ins and outs of dog sledding on the local trail system.  They are getting accustomed to being in harness; starting, stopping, and staying on verbal command; and pulling efficiently over long distances.  As eager puppies, their adrenaline gets the best of them and they want to run FAST, but with a few training runs under their belts, they’ll learn that slow-and-steady is what works best in an expedition team. 



We don’t have a lot of snow, but it’s enough to get out there every day and get some miles in.

Photography is becoming a challenge as it’s getting dark out there quite early now.  These photos were taken at high noon!  Notice the position of the sun in that second photo…doesn’t even rise above the trees!

  • Jennifer

    How are the trails up that way? Here at 7 mile its ok, very bumpy in spots! I took Nanook out with the team the other night. Just let him run free at his own pace. He did great! Ran up front with the lead dog. LOL He thinks he is a BIG boy now. Let me know if you guys are planing on having another litter next spring. I might want to put a deposit down.