December 29, 2009

Big Kids

If you’ve been wondering lately what Oskar, Red, and Grace have been up to, well, they’ve moved out to the “big dog” yard.  They each have their very own house and they’re still within reach so they can all play together.  

They’re loving life with the big boys and girls.  Every time we hook up a team they get to observe the ins and outs of harnessing and getting ready to go.  Next year when we integrate them into the team, they’ll already sort of know what’s going on. 

They still get to run loose a lot during the day so they can socialize with the others and burn some puppy energy.  They come in the house a lot but since they’re wearing their winter coats now it doesn’t take long for them to get too warm and beg to go back outdoors.








    • The Wyomingite

      Thanks for the update I have missed those 3 rascals. They sure are great looking mals.

    • Life With Dogs

      I can imagine the pressure you must always feel to open that door! :)

    • Piappies World

      Oskar, Red and Grace are looking so good and fluffy! They surely are growing up to be such beautiful mals. So, they are already getting prepped for expedition trips soon? It sure looks like loads of hard work and fun as well. We also enjoyed the video clip of Farmer & co. and it’s so amazing! The view is so beautiful. Weeeeeee

      • alaskanarcticexpeditions

        Hi! Oskar, Red, and Grace will be home with me for this winter. They’re still too young for an expedition. But next year they’ll join in the fun!

    • Emma Rose and The Duchess

      Beautiful! They sure have grown up. It’s hard to think they are still pups!

      Emma Rose

    • Kit

      What sweet faces!
      Please give each a big Southern hug for me!