November 1, 2009

Dog Sledding with Friends!

Yesterday was a beautiful day.  The sun was shining and the  dogs were ready for an action packed afternoon.

Joe took Dino for a little run.  Dino is 2 years old now and we will be integrating him in to the dog sledding team this season. 


- – -


Farmer and Luna, sitting in a tree…

A malamute owner in town was looking for a stud for his beautiful black and white mal, Luna.  She and Farmer ought to be having a litter in about 2 months!! 



- – -

The puppies ran around in the big dog yard and stopped to say “hello” to Hooch.


It was a little bit frosty out there.  We finally hit sub zero temperatures.


Oskar teased Red with a toy he found in the yard. 

“Come and get me!”




- – -

We’ve been hoping to get our friends out on the team with their 2-year old son before it got really cold, so they came over for a dog sled ride down to the river.   It was a lot of fun and their son loved watching the dogs run.  We all piled in the Cadillac-sized sled and let Daryl take the wheel!





  • Jennifer

    It looks like you guys are having a blast! If I could ever get over this cold I would love to get my guys out!

    • Lyne

      glad to see you have finally got snow – i was getting worried!! And Farmer looks very please with himself!!

    • Piappies World

      That sure looks fun! It’s great to see Oskar and Red enjoying the running and chasing around.

      Would it be alright if we include your blog to our blog roll? I love visiting your blog it would be great to know when you have posted something new.

      We invite you to visit us again.


      Fudgie, Princess & the Piappies

      • Thanks! We’d be honored to be added to your blog roll.