July 6, 2009

Malamute of the Month – Melvin

The Malamute of the Month for July is not a malamute at all. He’s our black lab, Melvin. Although he doesn’t run with the big boys, he is certainly worthy of recognition as an integral member of the Alaskan Arctic Expeditions team. We think of this guy as the team captain.

Melvin is the ruler of the house and the yard and all the doggie toys (in fact he used to steal all the toys from the neighbor dogs’ yard…shhh, don’t tell…). He has a happy-go-lucky personality and may believe that he is human. He loves an audience and really puts on a show for company. He’s very playful, which is a sign of great intelligence in dogs.

If Melvin was human, he’d be the intelligent, responsible, and fun big brother who watches after all his siblings with love and pride. He’d be a mentor, a friend, a source of knowledge and wisdom.