July 8, 2009

She wasn’t finished

Overnight, Sally had three more pups for a grand total of nine!!  Five white, three red, and one gray.  Mommy and babies are all doing very well.  We’ll be posting updates regularly, so please stay tuned! 

Good job, Sally!

    • Sabryna

      Alot of noise for a little bundle! (or bundles)Sounded like the cry was coming from one puppy.
      Can’t wait to watch them through their growing years!
      When I played the video, my little puppy, Hercules (a 4 pound Chihuahua) went berserk.
      Maybe this was a cruel reminder of his own puppyhood in which he was picked on by his 4 sisters. When I adopted him, he had a hole in his ear– his sisters were trying to eat him! He is surviving puppyhood and is extemely laid back and exhibits a deep respect for all females (dogs, humans,cats, etc.) Hmm..sounds a little like Joe…But we did NOT eat you, okay!