Oskar, Red, Grace, and Melvin had fun romping around the yard yesterday.  They are getting so BIG.  They weigh 80 lbs. already and they’re only 5 months old!!  They are heavier than Melvin and he’s a grown-up.  ;)


IMG_4186   IMG_4197



The photo on the left was taken in late August when these guys were a month and a half old.  The one on the right is from yesterday.  They grow so fast…

img_1987_thumb IMG_4180

    • The Wyomingite

      They are amazing. Does Melvin still think they are cute little puppies? They dwarf him eh?

    • Piappies World

      Oh Wow! Great to see Oskar, Red and Grace in Super sized versions indeed! They are still so adorable and sweet. Melvin sure has his paws busy watching over such a beautiful pack.

      -Frappie, Mocha, Sugar & the Piappies