December 19, 2009

The Stork Was Here

Angel and Kavik have three new bouncing baby girls!  Their eyes are now open and they’re starting to crawl around and play and eat meat like little champs.  Two of them are pure white, just like their mother, and the other pup looks more like dear ol’ dad.

Angel Kavik Angel                                                                          Kavik

- – – -

And here are the little gals enjoying a nice snuggle with a caribou hide.

Puppy A


Puppy B



Puppy C (she and Melvin are already the best of friends).  ;)



    • Emma Rose and The Duchess

      They are precious. Thank you for sharing the pictures.

    • Jonas


      I was just wondering about the white Malamutes you have. It’s an unusual colour for Malamutes, right?

      Nice blog!


      • alaskanarcticexpeditions

        Hi Jonas,

        Glad you like the blog…thanks! White malamutes aren’t unusual for this particular strain of mals. In some litters, several of the pups are white. Usually one of the parents is either white or red.

      • alaskanarcticexpeditions

        …but some of the pups that are born pure white end up having a red hue after a while.