December 27, 2009

They Grow So Fast

Red and Melvin are enjoying our new snow!  As you can see, Red is a big boy.  He’s almost 6 months old and he outweighs Melvin.  Red weighs about 90 lbs. 




IMG_4633  IMG_4608  IMG_4618





And we’re having fun watching the puppies grow and learn.  Melvin loves them, even though he gets just a bit jealous sometimes.  He’s still my wittle bitty baby puppy!  ;)



It’s hard to believe these gals will be Red’s size by spring!


    • Kit

      Yes indeed, Red is big and beautiful!!!
      Looks like your surrounded w/ love!!!

    • Emma Rose and The Duchess

      I can’t believe Red is only 6 months old! WOW. And those adorable puppies have changed so much since your last post. Now they are looking fluffly and they are growing so fast. Thanks for sharing! Is that you in the picture with the beautiful black hair? You are as doggone cute as those puppies!

      Emma Rose

      • alaskanarcticexpeditions

        That is so sweet of you! **blush** It’s me, Andrea, in that picture. I appreciate you mentioning how much the puppies have changed. It’s hard to see it when you’re living with them every day.

        My best friends’ dog, Buddy, was a Border Collie, like Emma Rose. I do think that Border Collies are some of the most intelligent dogs on planet Earth!

        We’re so proud to call you, and the duke and dutchess our friends.