February 8, 2010

Farmer’s Son

Little Farmer Junior is just as handsome as can be.  He’s a big hit with Daphne, Sonia, and Baby, too.  He likes to play and is quite a cuddly guy. 

IMG_5987 IMG_5981

He and Daphne are best pals.


IMG_6015 IMG_6047

He even likes to snuggle up to Melvin.

IMG_6035 Melvin’s toughest snarly face and grumpiest growls don’t stop the pups from playing with his tail.  He doesn’t scare them away one bit, but he sure tries.


- – -

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    • http://dogblogemma.blogspot.com Emma Rose and The Duchess

      Oh my gosh! Puppy overload!! They look so soft. We want to cuddle!!

    • Puppies are Fun

      Does Melvin ever tackle the puppies? They sure don’t seem to be afraid of him.

    • The Wyomingite

      Farmer Jr. has beautiful eyes and markings. What a handsome fellow.

    • http://piappies.blogspot.com Piappies World

      Hello there!

      Farmer Jr is so handsome and adorable. It’s great that he is getting along well with the girls.
      It’s funny how Melvin always ends up as the puppies favorite playmate.

      -Frappie, Mocha, Sugar & the Piappies

    • Jennifer

      Farmer Jr is going to be very handsome when he grows up!

    • http://www.laplandmalamutes.com Marit Kangas

      Love this puppy! Is it possible to view his pedigree somewhere?

      • Hi, Marit. We can send you the information when we get him all registered. :)
        • http://www.laplandmalamutes.com Marit Kangas

          Thanks! :-)