August 9, 2010

Freedom In The Sunshine

Sally and Mitch’s purebred Alaskan Malamute puppies are getting adventurous in the yard!  They like to chase each other, sniff around in the forest, and roll in the cool grass.


Here’s our guy, Mitchell (Mitch Jr.).  Devastatingly handsome, if I do say so myself.  :)

IMG_8551 IMG_8542

This gal will be moving to Washington state soon.  She’s like a little baby polar bear.


This guy still needs a loving family to go live with.  He’s so adorable!  It wouldn’t hurt my feelings one bit if he has to stay here and live with us!  ;)

IMG_8562 IMG_8561
IMG_8589 IMG_8552
IMG_8570 IMG_8569

This sweetheart will be moving to Missouri before too long!  Look at that face…so precious!

IMG_8573 IMG_8591
IMG_8593 IMG_8594
IMG_8595 IMG_8598

It’s so much fun watching them enjoy their freedom in the sunshine!  

    • The Wyomingite

      What a happy group of pups. They sure are good looking mals. Looks like Melvin the Lab still enjoys being amongs the kids too. :)

    • Tim

      nothing as cute as a malamute puppy. would love to take the one available but i think the 3 I got are enough .4 is a nice even number though. lol

    • e410

      Awww little Mitchell is such a fluffy lil guy! I wish I could adopt a dog! Alas, I must wait another 12 months before I move into a new apartment where I can have a dog! Adorable pictures, thanks for sharing!

    • Kit

      Whew, just got my puppy fix!
      Too cute!!!!