August 7, 2010

I’ve Been Bad

Hi, friends! 

I’ve been just horrible lately about posting!  :(  Rest assured, we’ve been taking lots of photos, so we have not slacked on documenting these guys and gals grow. 

To kick off the weekend, here are a few photos of two of the malamute pups.  I believe I took these pictures last weekend and they’re already chubbier and fluffier and more rambunctious!

IMG_8348 IMG_8354 IMG_8358 IMG_8362 IMG_8364

    • Anders Fugelli

      At last…! :-) Glad to see the fluffballs growing so well. Here at our place, we have welcomed our “little boy” Joey – he is already 7.5kg at nine weeks of age….and that is a LOT for a Siberian Husky! Well – we needed a wheel dog for our small team, so perhaps that is what he will be :-)