February 16, 2010

Just Being Kids

Sonia, Daphne, and Baby enjoy the occasional three-way tug-o-war with one of Joe’s socks.  Ah, the things that go on around here when he’s gone.  ;)




Of course they still love to wrestle.


And don’t think for a second that Junior doesn’t get his digs in!  :)


Here are some mug shots of all the pups.  It’s getting harder and harder to get photos of them.  They’re constantly on the move, those little rascals!







Junior (he just finished a snack, so please pardon his dirty face)


    • The Wyomingite

      They make my day!!! Thanks for putting their pictures on your blog. I just love it.

    • http://kit-dogdaze.blogspot.com/ Kit

      The adorable pups are growing up into beautiful young doggies!

    • http://piappies.blogspot.com/ Piappies World

      Baby, Daphne, Junior and Sonia are great names! They are growing up to be so cute and cuddly! They never fail to bring a smiles on our faces.

      May we borrow the sock for tug o’ three too? =)

      -Frappie, Mocha, Sugar & the Piappies

    • http://dogblogemma.blogspot.com Emma Rose and The Duchess

      It’s so fun to watch them grow. How do you tell Baby and Sonia apart? They look very much alike to me :) I bet they are totally different in your eyes!

      Emma Rose

      • Good question! Baby has a little narrower body and bigger feet. Sonia has a more prominent mask and is heavier. Plus they have totally different personalities. Sonia is really dominant and Baby is pretty laid back.
    • http://www.laplandmalamutes.com Marit Kangas

      Baby is too cute!! Love your puppy pics! :-)

    • Jennifer

      I miss having young pups around like that to play with! Have fun with them.

    • http://www.goldensierrarose.blogspot.com Sierra Rose

      Toooooooo cute!!!! Oh yeah…socks are the best aren’t they!! And, shoes, undies…all good right! :)

      Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
      Sierra Rose