August 19, 2010

Meet And Greet

Today, Bear and Jim (from Petra’s litter) and Mitchell (from Sally’s litter) met for the first time.

It was a joyous occasion, full of running and playing.


They took a liking to each other right from the start.


Of course Melvin was there to oversee the festivities and make sure those little punks didn’t get too out of control.


They only got snarled at once…


But they didn’t let that ruin their good time.



  • Emma Rose and the Duchess

    What fun! They are so adorable :)

  • Celia

    It doesn’t get much cuter than this :)

  • Thanks, Celia! And thanks for stopping by our blog. We hope you keep checking in.
  • sartenada

    Lovely photos. They are so cute!