August 29, 2010

Notes from Joe

This is one of my favorite photos taken last winter. The picture itself describes the pure love for pulling that’s ingrained in Alaskan Malamutes. These guys, Farmer, Bear and Boss, are leaders of a 21-dog team pulling a 2,500 lb. load of supplies in Alaska’s arctic.  Angus Mill captured these three photos on his second 21 day expedition with me and the team.


Four year old leader – Farmer.  What a look of wisdom and dignity!   Farmer has lived up to his name quite well.  When he was younger he seemed to always find dirt to roll around in and looked like he had just plowed a dusty farm field.  Now, Farmer is one of the hardest workers in the team. IMG_2763

This is another fantastic shot – 21 Mals, three sleds in tow with over 2,000 lbs. of supplies, anticipating the command to go.


  • Tim McElravy

    Excellent Pics! Great looking dogs:)

  • Elisabeth

    Awesome photos of beautiful dogs – makes me want to go to Alaska! Oh, coming to think of it: I already live in the Arctic and we’re heading towards winter here too… Lucky me :-)

    So glad I too have a winter dog now. You inspire already!

  • The Wyomingite

    What a proud looking team!!! Excellent shots.

  • sartenada

    These are all great photos. To me the second photo is pleasing most of all.

    Happy weekend.