September 18, 2010

Spirit of Adventure

Hi folks!  Happy Saturday.  It’s a happy day for us…it’s our anniversary!!

We haven’t abandoned this blog, but we sure haven’t posted much lately.  I guess we took a little vacation…  ;)

We want to introduce you to Champ.  
He’s one of our husky/malamute mix puppies.  He’s definitely more mal than husky.  How do we know this, you ask?  Well, he is melodramatic yet calm and he likes to steal stuff.  ;)  He took to being a house dog as soon as he was ready to leave his mother.  He’s so mature for his age, in fact, I like to call him by a more distinguished name…Mr. Champiōné. 

Champ has a very cool story already even though he’s so young.  It goes like this:

When Champ was merely a few weeks old, just learning to walk, he wandered away from his mother and his litter mates.  We searched and searched the yard for a long time, but there was no sign of him anywhere.  As much as we hated to, we admitted defeat, thinking that maybe a fox had gotten to him.  We moved his brothers and sisters to a safer location that very night. 

The next afternoon, I went outside and something caught my eye.  It  was Champ!  He was sitting there in his old dog house all alone.  I could hardly believe it, but I was so happy to see him!  How had he survived 24 hours without his mother?  Where had he wondered off to?  It couldn’t have been far…he could barely walk yet!  It was a miracle!  :)  This little fella has the spirit of adventure!

He got lots of hugs and kisses and warm milk and then he went back with his mama and siblings until he was ready to join us full-time in the house.

Now, Champ is enjoying the good life!  :)

IMG_8820 IMG_8825
IMG_8827 IMG_8831
IMG_8832 IMG_8833_2



  • Emma Rose and the Duchess

    Happy Anniversary! Ours is tomorrow :)
    Champ is adorable. What a story. He is going to be on the blog a lot I’ll bet.

  • The Wyomingite

    Happy Anniversary you all!!!!
    That Champ will be fun to see on the blog.

  • Piappies World

    Happy Happy Anniversary! We wish you many many more winderful years together.

    We are so happy to meet Champ. It sure looks like a very special pup. We also enjoyed watching him play. So adorable.

    We are not sure if we told you already that Piappies Mom watched White Fang on video and she truly enjoyed the movie. We also feel so honored to have you as friends.

    Have a great celebration and again, Happy Anniversary!

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai & Wai-Max and Piappies Mom

    • Thank you so much, Piappies! We’re glad you got to see White Fang and that you enjoyed it. :)
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