June 6, 2010

Splish Splash

On summer days, Melvin gets hot from constantly fetching the stick, so we got a kiddy pool especially for him.   But, Melvin’s kind of picky.  If a body of water isn’t large enough to do cannonballs or swim around in hot pursuit of a floating toy or stick, he doesn’t want anything to do with it. 

But, the new pool isn’t a total failure.  Pete and Lupine, with a little encouragement from Joe, have taken a liking to the water.

IMG_7492  IMG_7497


Lupine, watching Melvin lying around on the beach, found it odd that he didn’t want to play in the pool. 

“I thought you were supposed to be the water dog in the family!”




It’s not typical for malamutes to have this much fun splashing around!  I don’t think we’ve ever had a malamute so happy to dip his toes in the water!  :)


  • http://thzkennels.com Tim McElravy

    that’s funny…We live on a lake on on the hottest summer day I’ll take my guys down (one at a time) and swim with them in the lake…I run a YMCA camp so when they are pups they get to come down and play with 80+ kids and splash around their heart’s content…makes for some muddy mals on the way back home though :)

    • It’s amazing to me that your mals like h2o so much. I guess if they grow up with it, that must make all the difference. One time, Charlie, who was about 1.5 years old at the time, jumped into a big pond after Melvin, but he got back on dry land in a hurry. And that was the last time he submerged himself! Now he just gets his feet wet. :)
  • http://birdingrvers.com Kathy Webb

    I love anything “Alaska”, saw your comment on “Dog Daze” had to come check out your blog!
    What cute Malamute puppies! Big fuzz balls!
    I take it Melvin is a Black Lab and isn’t fond of “kiddie pools”, he wants the real enchilada! LOL
    Enjoy your summer sun!
    I have friends who are neighbor of yours: Kathy and Roger Blanchard
    Kathy W,

    • Hi, Kathy. Thanks for visiting our blog. You’re right, Melvin wants the real deal…none of this kiddy pool nonsense. ;) The pups are almost too big for the pool already.

      Thanks again for visiting. Hope you’ll check back again!


  • http://piappies.blogspot.com/ Piappies World

    Hello there Andrea,

    It’s good that they are a bit of H20 pups! We are wondering how can Melvin stay out of the pool! heehee Guess what? We are so thrilled to tell you that we met not 1 but 3 mals last Saturday! Well, Wai-Pai & Wai-Max went out with Mommy and we came across a nice family who own mals. They are incredibly sweet and gentle!

    Our Mommy felt embarrassed when Wai-Max growled that one of them when she tried to go near him. Maybe he just felt a bit scared.

    We love Joe’s blog. Are all the 21 pups with you? It’s totally amazing!!!

    We are looking forward to learning more about the expeditions and mushing too.

    -Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai, Wai-Max & the Piappies

    • Hi there! Great to hear from you. I’m glad you guys had a chance to meet some mals. I bet little Wai-Max scared that mal with his growl. Malamutes can be big ‘fraidy-cats sometimes. ;)

      We are going to have to take Melvin to the pond down the road for some real swimming soon. He loves it. But that kiddy pool didn’t impress him at all.

      We actually have about 30+ malamutes altogether. Joe usually takes 21-24 of them with him on the expedition and the rest stay home with me and get spoiled. They are all here at home with us. Joe got back from his expedition in early May, so we’re all back together again. One HUGE, happy family!

  • http://e410.wordpress.com e410

    Oh my gosh, so precious :) How hot does it get up there during the summer months?

    • I think we’ve seen 80 degrees quite a few times already this summer, which doesn’t sound too terrible, but we’re probably most comfortable when it’s more like 50 degrees out.