March 27, 2011

2011 Arctic Expedition – Diet and Nutrition

The physical demands of an Arctic mountain expedition (as opposed to an Arctic coast expedition) are significant to say the least. On his solo expeditions, Joe spends about 15 hours a day on the move.

There are a lot of physical demands out there: feeding the team, tearing down camp, hooking up the dogs, skiing and/or snowshoeing all day…and then doing the whole thing in reverse…THEN, scouting routes and breaking trail for the following day! All of those responsibilities on top of staying warm and in good health! The expedition season is no time to slack on proper nutrition.- 156

Basically, we like to stick with whole foods, keep it simple but satisfying, and hit all the major food groups. So what exactly does Joe eat to stay healthy?

The main staples he takes on expeditions include beef/pork/chicken/fish, brown rice, brown rice flour, frozen fruits and vegetables, frozen home-cooked meals (goulash, soup, etc.), cheese, butter, sea salt, coffee, and vitamins (Emergen-C packets).


Joe’s typical daily menu looks something like this:

Breakfast: meat, bannock, cheese, coffee, Emergen-C

Lunch: cheese, Emergen-C (Joe doesn’t break for lunch, so he just has a simple snack)

Dinner: meat/frozen home cooked meal, bannock, fruits and vegetables, cheese, coffee, and Emergen-C


We add more variety when clients go along, but for his solo expeditions, Joe just sticks with his favorites! Smile   Sometimes, if he’s lucky, that includes muktuk!



  • Brian L. Brunner

    Thanks for the update Andrea ! Hope things are going well for Joe & the team. My wife reads these and said “So what do you think of muktuk ? Is it gonna be like the boys when they were little? You HAVE to take a “No thank you bite!”

    • Hi Brian! I promise Joe won’t force you to try muktuk. But if we happen to have some next season, it’s one of those things that’s worth trying once. Trying muktuk is an experience in and of itself. I think it’s pretty good stuff! :)
      • Brian L. Brunner

        I will definitely try it if you have some. After 20+ years of eating Navy chow on a carrier, I’ve had a few of those so called “experiences in and of itself.”
        Like brussels sprouts, if it is the only green vegetable remaining after 60 days at sea, it can’t possibly be fit to eat.

  • Marilyn

    Thanks for the updates. Always look forward to reading them.. Is the weather getting a bit warmer?

    • Thanks, Marilyn. It is starting to warm up a bit and getting a lot sunnier, too! :)
  • Rebecca Hartley

    Nice to see an update. Did you say you two can keep in touch with satellite phones? Joe must be in really good physical condition — as well as the dogs.

    • Hi, Rebecca. We are very fortunate to have contact via satellite phone! I love to hear from him and I can always hear the team howling in the background! :) They’re happy campers.
  • Kit Harland

    I’d eat Joe’s cooking anytime!!!
    Muktuk? Maybe with a side of grits? :)

    How are you feeling?
    Hugs abd belly rubs to pups!
    Take care,

    • Ooh, muktuk and grits! There’s something to try! :) I’m feeling great and the baby is kicking and punching like a champ. Fun times!