March 19, 2011

2011 Arctic Expedition: Wolf versus Moose

The Arctic is, without a doubt, a wilderness where predator and prey are constantly engaged in a classic battle for survival. It’s not very common to come across a kill site, but just the other day on the expedition, Joe and the team set up camp across the river from a moose kill.

There wasn’t anything left of the carcass except a big piece of hide with a tiny bit of meat on it. Joe investigated the scene, and the tracks in the snow painted a vivid picture of the hunt.  The wolves employed their teamwork skills to take down the moose.

65518-05 photo source

The wolves used the snow to their advantage, chasing the moose into a patch of 6-7 foot deep snow where he struggled to escape. But they had him surrounded, making the moose a fairly easy kill. Joe said the wolf tracks were relatively fresh and it appeared that as he and the team approached the kill site, the wolves ran to safety up the mountain side.

They probably spent the night spying on Joe and the dogs.


  • thzkennels

    wowzas! I’d be nervous knowing they wer out there watching me :)

  • william stark

    Sure hope you folks write a book about all your adventures with pictures too. I have read the Mushing Magazine stories and can’t get enough!!

    • Thank you so much, Bill! Joe is working on a book during the expedition this year! :)
  • Emma Rose

    We are just getting caught up on all the happenings. Wolves are scarey! I hope they don’t see anymore signs of them.

    Emma Rose

  • Carolyn Schlick

    Great find Joe, I love wolves, they are so intelligent and often misunderstood. Hope the weather stays good for a little while longer.

  • Arctic Stories

    Hey Andrea, great to hear of Joe’s wolf encounter. Hope you’re both well – I’ve sure missed visiting you guys this year!


  • Kit Harland

    Amazing…I would imagine Joe and the dogs slept with one eye open!
    Take care,

  • Elisabeth

    So good to hear about people not getting freaked out over seeing things like that – in Norway anything having to do with wolves (and even moose, if in the city-near areas…) gets very polarized and half the country screams ‘kill’ while the other half says ‘that is the nature of things’… I really look forward to Joe’s book!