May 15, 2011

Notes from Joe: Playing Catch Up

I am frequently asked how I stay ahead of my team of malamutes while snowshoeing or skiing.   The answer is that I simply tell the team to stay and they to wait until I get out ahead of them and then I yell,  “OK"! (which is the command to go).  They’ll  catch up to me in a half hour or an hour, and then I’ll repeat the routine.

Can you can see the team in the middle of the picture below?


They’re at the tip of the red arrow, waiting for the command to go.  Their hearing is amazing, and I usually don’t have to yell too loud. 










  • Tim

    Makes me miss winter here in IL summers getting ready to heat up my mals hate it already had to turn air on a few days for them can only walk them a couple miles befor they get to hot and want to go home.oh well 4 months and winter will be back..

  • Rebecca Hartley

    Your photos are spectacular. Hope you tell us more of the story of this year’s expedition.

  • Elisabeth

    So impressive; both the images and the story you tell. I am guessing you don’t stray too far away from them during blizzards? You know, I lose myself in there (at the blog) time and again when I am supposed to do something else. I just love the glimpses you provide from your part of the world.

    Here it’s spring now, and in a week or two the sun will not set at all for a while. It does not get dark at night anymore, and the sun only sets for just over three hours each night. And while I seriously enjoy the joys of winter, I must admit I plan on fully enjoying the summer too! My Alaskan Husky turns 1 year old next week and we’ll have loads of fun this summer :)

    Thank you for blogging so beautifully!

  • The Wyomingite

    Staying ahead of your team was an amazing insight to how well your team obeys. You’ve done an amazing job with your famous team. Thanks for sharing. This is awesome. So are the pictures.