August 5, 2012

Behind The Scenes

Welcome, friends! You may have seen many photographs and videos of our expeditions on our website, Facebook and elsewhere on the internet credited to Angus Mill, and I’m sure some of you have often wondered whom this photographer/adventurer is that has followed me across the Arctic capturing some of these fantastic images of me and the dogs.  Well, let me introduce you to the man behind the scenes –  Angus Mill

Angus, capturing images of the dogs in their environment.


Here’s a shot I took of Angus last year at the beginning of his five week expedition with me and the team.


Here he is in front of his tent on a fine spring day.


Here’s a shot of Angus participating in the evening chores.  Yes, that is dog crap he’s scraping off the bottom of the sleds.  A must-do chore every evening!!


Gutting freshly harvested ptarmigan for dinner.


Setting up his tent.


Angus enjoying fried ptarmigan.


Thanks Angus!!


  • Philipp

    holy smokes…

    this season he had a real beard ;-P
    looks like he started his own trap line somewhere in the depth of the brokes range…

  • Ryan Jones

    Visiting the artic has to be quite an interesting experience. I have been to Alaska before myself (went on a cruise to the Skagway / Juneau) areas back in 2010 and liked the rugged terrain there, though I’ve never been to the artic circle before, though I did meet a pastor that was a missionary in Barrow, Alaska, which was pretty interesting.