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February 2011

February 23, 2011

2011 Arctic Expedition – Typical February Weather

The weather on the expedition has warmed up considerably from the –94 F reported in the previous post, but that doesn’t mean the conditions are any less exciting! Joe and our malamutes have been getting slammed with back-to-back blizzards.  This is typical February weather in Alaska’s Arctic.  A few years back, Joe was holed up […]

February 12, 2011

2011 Arctic Expedition – ALMOST 100 BELOW!

Well, folks, it finally happened.  That unseasonably warm weather Joe was having on the expedition while the rest of the U.S. was struggling through blizzards and record-breaking cold has come to an end.  Earlier this week, Joe and the team got pinned down in a blizzard that blew in 14 inches of new snow!  Digging […]

February 9, 2011

2011 Arctic Expedition – The Rookies

Note: The photos I am using on blog posts this season are from expeditions past.  Joe has no way of getting current expedition pictures to me. This year, Red and Bunny are the new kids on the expedition block. Although they have run a bit here locally in the Fairbanks/Two Rivers area earlier this winter, […]

February 6, 2011

2011 Arctic Expedition Is Underway!

I’m a bit delayed in reporting this, but the 2011 Solo Arctic Expedition has begun! Joe loaded up the truck and trailer with 22 dogs and headed up to Alaska’s North Slope on the Dalton Highway (the Haul Road).  I had to stay behind this time since I’m pregnant, and the Haul Road is no […]