July 3, 2010

Baby BOOM!

Happy Saturday!  The sun is shining and the birds are chirping.  What more could you ask for?

As I mentioned in the previous post, it’s been a busy week for us.  Not only did Petra have a litter, but Sally did, too!!  Sally and Mitch have a handsome brood of purebred Alaskan malamute puppies!  :)

We’re up to our ears in puppies, but you won’t hear us complain.  Who doesn’t love having pups around?  We’re all grins, from ear to ear!

Sally’s a pro at this motherhood thing.  She’s had a few litters before.  She’s taking it all in a stride.

The pups are strong and just as cute as can be.  They’re a colorful bunch…white, black & white, gray, red, strawberry blonde…

They’re eating to their heart’s content! 

Ma & Pa malamute…

 Sally Mitch

This is Mitch’s second litter this year!  He’s Pete and Lupine’s dad, too!

Stay tuned to watch all these pups grow big and strong!!  ;)


"Happiness is a warm puppy!"
                                                              -Charles Shultz