October 12, 2010

Full Circle

Last summer,  Sally and Charlie had a litter.  Out of that group, we kept Red and Grace.  We’d sold a very nice, white male to a little old lady who said she’d name him Rowdy.  We knew he’d have a great home with her.

Recently, we came across a flyer stating that a loving home was needed for a girl’s year-old, yellow-eyed, pure white malamute named Rowdy.  We had a hunch, so we called.

Sadly, the woman who got him from us had passed away and Rowdy found his way into the loving arms of a sweet 12-year old girl.  He was a bit too much for her to handle, though she sure gave it the old college try (she’s a junior musher), so we brought him back here to reunite with his siblings.  In return, the little girl got to take home a couple of our husky/malamute mix puppies!  It was a win-win situation.


Now Rowdy’s back home with Red and Grace and it seems as though they recognize each other.  They are having a great time playing together.  We’re happy to see Rowdy again and are sure he will fit in great with our team.  :)

Welcome back, Rowdy boy!


  • http://dogblogemma.blogspot.com Emma Rose and the Duchess

    How lucky for him that you found him! I wonder if he will live up to his name :)

  • The Wyomingite

    He’s sure a stout looking guy! If he lives up to his name maybe someday he’ll be the lead puller eh?

  • http://kit-dogdaze.blogspot.com/ Kit

    Thank goodness he found his way back HOME!!!!

  • http://thzkennels.com Tim McElravy

    Great looking Dog!

  • http://e410.wordpress.com Just Run With It

    What a sweetheart! So sad that his originally owner passed away, but great that Rowdy is back with his family :)

  • Marianne

    Welcome home Rowdy….What a small world we live in these days!

  • http://piappies.blogspot.com/ Piappies World

    Welcome back home, Rowdy! We remember, the first time we stumbled upon your blog was when we met Red and Grace. Indeed, you have come full circle. We are sure that you have given so much love and happiness to your old hooman family. Definitely, you will continue to be the sweet, loving and energetic self that they come to love.

    We bet Red and Grace are just too happy to see you again.

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai & Wai-Max