May 29, 2010


We all know labs, right?  They love to fetch.  Melvin is no different. 


But Melvin has some special obstacles in his way when we play fetch.  Today those obstacles were Pete, Lupine, and Daphne!   ;)


Malamutes couldn’t care less about playing fetch, but they sure love to chase after Melvin when he goes to retrieve a stick or a ball.  They don’t try to steal his toy; they just like to run.  To test her interest, I threw a stick especially for Daphne.  All she did was give me a blank look with her tongue hanging out the side of her mouth.  Nope, mals aren’t geared right for fetch.  But Daphne sure was on Melvin’s heels!


Pete and Lupine are learning how to play chase from Daphne.  They aren’t fast enough to keep up, but they try.  At times they seem to have more of a sit-and-wait approach.  They let Melvin chase after the stick, then when he comes back to bring it to me, they get in his face, which gets Melvin very flustered.  He hasn’t figured out yet that no one wants to steal his beloved stick.  They just have a lot of fun antagonizing him. 




    • Tim McElravy

      very fun. Our house dog Comet is a Lab/Australian Sheppard/collie mix and when we free run our malamute pups he has the darndest time trying to herd them all together…then when he gets tired of them chasing him around he heads into the lake…a few of the brave ones follow him in but he can swim faster than they can:)

    • The Wyomingite

      Great pictures and love seeing those pups as they grow and change. They’re beautiful.