March 1, 2012

99 Below

Can you imagine what -99°F feels like? Are there even words to describe that kind of bitter cold?  I suppose that’s a question only Joe can answer.

And answer he did.  He summed it up as “invigorating.”  Just what kind of a lunatic am I married to?

Yesterday Joe texted me via satellite phone and reported that it was -60°F with a 15 mph wind. I looked at the windchill chart and it doesn’t even go down to that temperature, so I had to crunch the numbers myself and discovered that it was 99 below.

It looks like the old idiom, March comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb, might ring true this year.

Joe and the team chose not to travel in that kind of windchill. I’m sure the dogs spent part of the day curled up tight, staying warm with their noses nestled under their fluffy tails.  I bet there was plenty of playtime on the picket line, too.  Malamutes are amazing creatures to be out in those kind of conditions and thinking nothing of it.  That’s resilience!

06-07 Expedition 337


  • Joan Locke

    No, I can’t imagine those temps! I wish him well and certainly be always safe to him and those malmutes.

  • Kit

    Love Joe’s sense of humor!
    I started the book last night and I’m loving it!!! :)
    Has Joe read any of the Shiloh books, about a boy and his beagle? I read them aloud to my students every year!
    Happy Trails,

  • maxpack

    Quick question Andrea, seeing Joe is busy !! I want to bring a small digital pocket camera along, but most/all have a LCD display. Left one in my snowmobile bag overnight and it froze/cracked. If it’s kept in an inside pocket will it survive a few minutes in those temps to work ? What have others used on trips ??? Thanks

    • alaskanarcticexpeditions

      Hi Brian,
      Any camera you bring should be fine. Joe takes a little camera like you’re talking about as well as a larger DSL. It should work in the cold. Can you private message me your flight details so I can make sure you get picked up at the airport in Prudhoe Bay?

  • Kit

    Just finished the book and hated for it to end!
    So happy to have this great webpage!
    I left a review on Amazon and posted a comment about book on Daily News Miner ArcticCam page…when will the movie be released? :)

    • alaskanarcticexpeditions

      Thank you, Kit. Glad you enjoyed the book and we’re thankful for your review on Amazon and for spreading the word on the News Miner’s website. -Andrea