March 24, 2012

Getting Warmer

Joe and the team have been enduring one heck of a cold snap.  Joe reports that for the past 40 days it was –60F.  Every. Single. Day.

But finally that pattern seems to have broken.  This morning Joe said it’s –30F.  Still not what most of us would classify as springtime weather, but quite an improvement nonetheless.

This weekend, Angus Mill will start his 4th expedition with Joe and the team.  He’s traveled here from the UK and this season he will be out with Joe for 5 weeks.  Angus is a fantastic photographer and has posted many of his photos and stories from his expedition experiences on his blog

A few self-portraits Angus has taken on his expeditions.IMG_9349



I’m looking forward to hearing all about their trip and seeing Angus’ amazing photos of the landscape, the dogs, and the wildlife.


  • Kit

    I enjoyed Angus’s photos in Joe’s book…
    I do hope the weather warms up for them…