Arctic Expeditions


Alaska's Arctic is a brutally cold environment with North American record-breaking cold temperatures and fierce wind.  Within this landmass of over 94,000 square miles, that is larger than several countries, is a vast wilderness that encompasses The Brooks Range which is the world's highest mountain range within the Arctic Circle. It extends 600 miles west to east across Alaska and into Canada. This region of jagged mountains, canyons, and rivers reaches widths of 200 miles and heights of 8,500 - 9,000 feet. Arctic Alaska is like no other place on earth.

To quote Joe, "I've mushed tens of thousands of miles in Alaska's arctic and have only seen a portion of it.  It would take two-hundred years to cover it all.  I just wish I had two, maybe three lifetimes to explore it."

I have been traveling with Alaskan malamutes throughout Alaska's Arctic for almost 40 years. My team of 22-25 malamutes and I have conducted nearly 20, multi-month, solo, Arctic expeditions. These expeditions were conducted without resupply, which is unprecedented in modern times. Additionally, the team and I have conducted many expeditions of shorter lengths and have travelled in regions of Arctic Alaska where it was believed by many to be impossible to access by dog team due to the rugged terrain and deep snow. I credit 100% of these accomplishments to one of the most ancient dog breeds on earth: the Alaskan malamutes.

 "When both an animal and a person recognize their survival depends on each other there is no longer a dominate role of either person or animal. They work and live together as one unit. Emotions are felt between them like they are one being. When one suffers, or feels joy so does the other." -Joe G. Henderson-