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March 2012

March 24, 2012

Getting Warmer

Joe and the team have been enduring one heck of a cold snap.  Joe reports that for the past 40 days it was –60F.  Every. Single. Day. But finally that pattern seems to have broken.  This morning Joe said it’s –30F.  Still not what most of us would classify as springtime weather, but quite an […]

March 17, 2012

Unseasonably Cold

The North Slope of Alaska is one of those places where you just never know what’s coming in regards to the weather.  Some years it warms up early and quickly so break-up starts happening before you know what hit you.  And other times it just doesn’t seem to warm up like it normally would.  That’s […]

March 10, 2012

Why Do An Expedition?

This week, Joe is making his way back to the Haul Road to meet up with his first client of the season.  Brian Brunner, a fellow malamute lover from the beautiful northwestern state of Washington, will be joining the expedition for 10 days.  So, today we have a very special guest post from Brian on […]

March 1, 2012

99 Below

Can you imagine what -99°F feels like? Are there even words to describe that kind of bitter cold?  I suppose that’s a question only Joe can answer. And answer he did.  He summed it up as “invigorating.”  Just what kind of a lunatic am I married to? Yesterday Joe texted me via satellite phone and […]